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Calling all innovative boatbuilders

Calling all innovative boatbuilders
If you’re in the boatbuilding business and don’t think your vessel is the most innovative in your part of the market, then you’re probably in the wrong game.
In my capacity as Chairman of the Judging panel for the European Commercial Marine Industry Awards at Seawork International 2017, I was struck by equipment entered and the quality and vast range that it encompassed. 
BUT, I must confess my only disappointment with the entries, and it was a disappointment shared by the other panel members, was a limited number of vessels for us to evaluate for these awards.
A stroll along the pontoons at the show demonstrated straight away though that there is no lack of innovative vessels, or vessels with clearly amazing and innovative aspects to them, so we’ve obviously not done our job correctly in telling boatbuilders about this award. Or at least we’ve not made you excited enough about it to enter.
This is a genuine, well-respected industry award. But we live…

Seawork 2018 dates announced

We've finally been able to announce the dates for the 21st anniversary edition of Seawork International! It will be held from 3-5 July 2018 in Mayflower Park, Southampton UK.

Unfortunately we had to move away from our usual mid-June slot as our usual dates would mean there won't be enough water to accommodate the Seawork Marina which is obviously a vital part of the exhibition. Various other events in the Commercial Marine Calendar and also in Mayflower Park; the home of Seawork, have resulted in a slightly later event.

We have also announced our dates for 2019 which are 11 - 13 June 2019.

The Sales team are currently busy re-booking our existing clients who have until 31st August to get their forms back. Then we allow 2 weeks to move customers to new / larger stands before opening to general sale on 19th September. There is a discounted price in place until the 1st October for new business so make sure you contact the sales team in time to take advantage of this! Email info@…