Caisson Gate Handover at Portsmouth

Seawork 2017 exhibitor Ravestein officially launched the ‘14 DOCK’ caisson gate it recently built for the UK’s Ministry of Defence in the Naval dockyard in Portsmouth. The Netherlands-based marine operator’s huge Skylift 3000 submersible jack-up barge dominated the Southampton skyline at Seawork 2017.

The Portsmouth launch was attended by the commodore Ian Shipperley, Peter Stacey, and Josh Hugo from the MoD, and Ray Harvey from BAE Systems.

This event followed a fortnight after the official handover ceremony in Devonport of another Ravestein-built caisson gate ‘D 16’. Commodore Ian Shipperley personally invited mister Cees Ravestein, owner of Ravestein BV, for this handover ceremony.

The launch in Rotterdam was reported to have gone very smoothly, with the caisson lifted by Bonn & Mees’ Matador 3 following concrete ballasting.

Ravestein is a Netherlands-headquartered marine construction company with expertise in building lock and dock gates, having built many for the UK and France. The company has also provided Ro Ro-Linkspans, modular containerized jack-up platforms and backhoe dredgers.

Ravestein and the MoD have had a long cooperation, which Ravestein hopes will continue for many years to come.

By Jake Frith
Editor, Maritime Journal


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